A look a major disaster that mankind has experienced in history

Share80 Shares 3K Every year brings new hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters to the world. Although some areas are impacted more often by these natural disasters than others, most people fear extreme weather. Scientists that study these natural disasters have been predicting major storms and occurrences for centuries. Within the 21st century, many have made predictions of major natural disasters occurring in the near and distant future.

A look a major disaster that mankind has experienced in history

Man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks and transportation accidents involving hazardous materials and disease threats such as pandemic outbreaks pose a threat to Georgians and all Americans. Disasters and emergencies can happen quickly and without warning. So, it is important to always be prepared.

Severe Thunderstorms and Flooding The most common type of natural disasters in Georgia are thunderstorms that can cause widespread damage, crippling communities across the state: In Septembercontinuous rain resulted in year floods that affected several counties throughout northern Georgia, most of them in and around metro Atlanta.

Some 20, homes, businesses and other buildings suffered major damage, and 23 counties received Federal Disaster Declarations.

Natural disasters

A spring flood in southern Georgia brought federal disaster declarations to 46 counties. Insevere storms brought flooding to areas across the entire state, affecting counties in Georgia. Western Georgia took a hit from Hurricane Katrina on August 29,with bands of heavy rains and damaging winds.

Georgia also became the destination of more thanevacuees from the Gulf States. In SeptemberGeorgia, along with Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina, experienced the largest evacuation effort in American history as Hurricane Floyd bore down on the southeastern coastline. On July 4,Tropical Storm Alberto stalled over Georgia, bringing up to 25 inches of rain in less than 24 hours.

A look a major disaster that mankind has experienced in history

Thirty-four people were killed, more than 50, were displaced from their homes and at least coffins were forced from water-logged graves into flooded streets.

Terrorist Attacks Georgia is at risk for terrorist attacks. While Georgia has not experienced a large-scale attack, they can occur without warning: In Junea Georgia Tech student was convicted of conspiring to provide material support for terrorism and was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison.

As the events of September 11,demonstrated, terrorist attacks can occur quickly and unexpectedly. During the Olympics, a bombing occurred at Centennial Olympic Park, killing four and injuring The next year, an Atlanta-area health clinic and a gay nightclub were bombed by the same man.

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Eric Rudolph pled guilty to these crimes in and is now serving a life sentence in prison. Pandemic Flu Pandemics can spread rapidly, leaving little time to prepare once an outbreak starts: Nearly 50 people died and more than were hospitalized in Georgia because of the virus.

Winter Storms Winter storms, which often affect north Georgia, result in extreme cold, downed power lines and blocked roads and highways: In late Januarysnow and ice paralyzed north and central Georgia, leaving thousands of motorists stranded in their cars—some for more than 20 hours.

A look a major disaster that mankind has experienced in history

According to the Georgia State Patrol, there were more than 1, winter storm related accidents and more than injuries.

Just two weeks later, in early February, a more powerful storm brought heavy snow and record amounts of ice to north and central Georgia, leaving more thanGeorgians without power. In Januarya single storm deposited a thick layer of snow and ice that shut down transportation in parts of the state for five days, eventually affecting 70 percent of Georgia.

Ina Federal Disaster Declaration was issued after a blizzard dropped more than four inches of snow on metro Atlanta and shut down the entire region for nearly three days. Wildfires Wildfires spread quickly and change direction rapidly, igniting brush, trees and homes: On April 16,a downed power line ignited drought-parched forest floors in southern Georgia, which led to the largest and most devastating wildfires in state history.Feb 05,  · This is a list of 10 of the worst disasters in our history, however the devastation caused by these disasters have been as a direct result of manmade accomplishments.

Reader discretion is advised. I have deliberately not included tragedies that are a direct result of acts of War as they would account for the whole list. Methodology: GOBankingRates compiled the total number of major disasters each state has experienced since using FEMA’s Disaster Declarations Summary.

To determine the total funding each state received per fiscal year, GOBankingRates sourced FEMA’s Disaster . Man can have a devastating effect on the environment and the 10 worst man-made disasters of all time have had a negative effect on the environment for decades afterwards.

Frequently these disasters are related to poor industrial oversight within developing countries. Mar 02,  · This list looks at ten of the worst moments in history when man showed that he can act with utter contempt for the rest of man.

So often we publish lists that praise events in human history - tales of victory over diseases, disastrous situations, and the like. May 25,  · 10 Major Natural Disasters Predicted In The Near Future.

Roxanne Lignier and David Calculations show that Japan should have a major volcanic eruption every 38 years. its left side would turn into a landslide that would cause the biggest tsunami in the history of man. They have deduced that the monstrous wave will travel at.

China has experienced a number of the world’s most deadly disasters. In , an earthquake claimed the lives of , people making it the most deadly earthquake since

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