Biofuels are likely to make an

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Biofuels are likely to make an

Bioethers Ethers are a class of carbon compounds that contain an ether group, which looks as follows. Either carbon in the basic ether above may be attached to other carbons as well. So, this image represents the most basic ether.

All that is needed to make an ether is an oxygen atom with a hydrocarbon chain on either side.

Biofuels are likely to make an

Uses Ethers are currently used as substitutes for lead to improve engine performance. They also decrease oxygen wear and toxic emissions, particularly ozone.

You are likely to see these abbreviations on petrol pumps.

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Bioether Bioether is made from either wheat or sugar beet. It can also be produced from the waste glycerol that results from the production of biodiesel.

Bioether is likely to replace petro-ether as an additive to current fossil fuels. In the future, it is unlikely to be a fuel in and of itself because it has a low energy density. In fact, its energy density is about half that of standard diesel, which means you would need twice the volume of ether to go the same distance.

Mostly likely, it will become an additive to other biofuels to reduce emissions.Most biofuel in America is made from GMO corn grown in industrial monocultures in the Midwest.

Economic and environmental considerations

But researchers are racing to develop alternative fuels from more environmentally-friendly crops. Of course, as our energy demands grown and our ability to extract petroleum stabilizes or declines, we are likely to see more and more biofuel substituting for fossil fuel, which means engine manufacturers better be paying close attention to how biofuels burn!

Renewable biofuels can come with hidden economic and environmental issues, and the question of whether corn is better utilized as food or as a biofuel has persisted since ethanol came into use. A recent study has found that abandoned agave plantations in Mexico and Africa could be reclaimed for biofuel crops.

The research suggests that the plants used to distil tequila could be used as an alternative crop source that does not compete for land used by food crops. Policies around biofuels development are likely to continue to be in a state of flux for some time and we hope this report will provide an important contribution to ensuring that policy decisions, nationally and internationally, are made in the full awareness of their ethical.

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