Cartoon analyse british brain

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Cartoon analyse british brain

This Genius equalling Huge IQ notion seems somewhat at odds with some things.

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Genius involves creativity also, not to mention something Einstein possessed, having nothing to do with intelligence…his enormous capacity to enjoy things not just science but food, music, tricks …. But abovecreativity and IQ seem to sort independently of one another.

One can have super IQ and low creativity, or the reverse, or both high or both low. Sierra Victor As the author of the original essay on Quora, I would like to address this answer directly to the Neuroskeptic himself: I insisted that high IQ is a blessing which comes with terrible price.

Given to all ups and downs of my life due to my own IQ, I consider the net sum as positive. I have had my cubic metre of tears, but high IQ has enabled me also a lot. High IQ is a great enabler — nothing more, nothing less — and in both good and in bad.

It applies to both directions — to up and down.

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The limits are by no means clear-cut, but rather foggy. It is somewhere between natural sciences and Humanist studies.

Cartoon analyse british brain

We cannot apply scientific method on psychology like we could on astronomy. All theories and concepts on psychology are always more or less mere observations, theories and hypotheses, which either are supported by statistical facts or not.

The concept of communication range is not a natural law like law of gravity, but there is an awful lot of empirical data and observations that it really indeed exists. On my personal experience I can say the concept is very much valid. Jensen suggested in that a marriage is most likely to succeed if the IQs of the partners do not differ more than 13 points Jensen, A.

Bias in mental testing. That is very much on line with what the communication range theory would predict. This is a result which the communication range theory would predict.

Also high IQ women were much more likely to develop problems than high IQ men. My point is that a the communication range theory is valid, not because it was a scientific fact but because it is supported by empiric data and b this subject would need some really serious academic study.

Carolyn Wilshire A discussion on IQ, and I was astonished to see that not a single commenter had questioned the concept itself, and what the very diverse sets of tests designed to measure IQ are actually measuring.

The idea of IQ quantifying intellectual capacity on a single dimensional scale is a very old and quite naive concept — which for some reason, we have been unable to free ourselves from.


It original purpose was to identify those needing special support, and in this regard I expect it is still useful. But in all other respects, treat with caution!

The general may include the capacity to successfully direct cognitive resources in a goal-relevant way avoid distractions. But general factors most likely include other things, such as general education and degree of practice with the types of tasks used in IQ tests.

And no discussion of IQ would be complete without a mention of the Flynn effect — the observation that population IQs are steadily increasing every generation go on, google it! Those that do well on IQ tests are likely to have a highly focussed attentional style good for IQ tests, troublesome in real lifeand a high but no TOO high level of obsessiveness.

To most of us, exceptional intellect is not about acquiring knowledge or passing tests. Its the ability to critically analyse real world problems, to view see them in a new light, to generate new ideas and possible solutions. Well reasoned analysis in the context of everyday life probably also requires something else not well measured in IQ tests — a detachment from our emotions and core beliefs.

Few can achieve this, for those that do, the ability may be limited to a specific field. So herein lies the paradox. Groups that use IQ scores as a membership criterion are buying into the IQ concept unquestioningly. But in so doing, they are failing to display the strong intellect they value so highly.

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Cartoon analyse british brain
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