Create music slideshow powerpoint

History[ edit ] Slide shows had their beginnings in the s, when hand-painted images on glass were first projected onto a wall with a " magic lantern ". By the late s, showmen were using magic lanterns to thrill audiences with seemingly supernatural apparitions in a popular form of entertainment called a phantasmagoria. Sunlight, candles and oil lamps were the only available light sources. The development of new, much brighter artificial light sources opened up a world of practical applications for image projection.

Create music slideshow powerpoint

To create a multiple choice style of PowerPoint quiz, you need to follow these 5 simple steps: Create a slide with a question and some multiple choice answers.

Each answer will become a clickable link. This will congratulate the student and move them onto the next question.

The above steps will create all you need for one question. Just repeat the process for each question you want to include in your quiz. Open PowerPoint and by default you should have a blank presentation in front of you with the default title slide.

Groan all you like, this is a geography test! For this question we need to add a Title and Content slide. If you have added a slide to this presentation already, then the new slide will be of the same layout as the last one added.

In this case, click the bottom half of the New Slide button and choose Title and Content. Read more about PowerPoint slide layouts. Click to enlarge Click into the title text box and type in the question What is the capital of Argentina?

Now, click on the Insert Picture from File icon in the centre of the slide see image above. Navigate to where a suitable image is on your hard drive. Try and find one that illustrates the question well. We inserted this map of Argentina: Click to enlarge Below the map of Argentina, we now need to add several wrong answers and one right answer.

Drag out a box and type an answer in it. Just click on the drag handles that you see at the corners and halfway along each edge of the text box and drag to resize the text box. Add more text boxes to contain all the wrong answers and the right answer too.

You should end up with something like this: This is where it starts to get interesting. When you do this, PowerPoint displays all the slides in your presentation that you can link to. Click OK and the hyperlink is added.

The linked text should appear blue with an underline by default. Read more about adding hyperlinks in PowerPoint. Select the question slide in the Slides panel on the left and select the text box for the first wrong answer.

Do the same for all the wrong answers. Select the wrong answer slide so that the next slide you add is inserted after it and click the New Slide button on the Home tab.

Later you will need to add a hyperlink to this piece of text that leads to the next question slide. Go back to the question slide we created earlier and add a hyperlink to the text box that holds the right answer Buenos Aires. Now rinse and repeat for all the questions in your PowerPoint quiz.

When you run the slideshow, the cursor will appear as a hand when it hovers over each answer on the question slide, indicating that each answer is a clickable link.

Here is the PowerPoint quiz for you to download. This entry was posted in Tutorials and tagged gamequiz on.Inserting and playing sound in PowerPoint and using presentation music and audio on slides. loop music in PowerPoint and play music across slides in PowerPoint presentations.

Creating A Multiple Choice PowerPoint Quiz

or create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint. How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation.

create music slideshow powerpoint

In this Article: Article Summary Creating a New PowerPoint Creating the Title Slide Adding a New Slide Adding Content to Slides Adding Transitions Testing and Saving Your Presentation Community Q&A This wikiHow teaches you how to create your own Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

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Need some songs for a school party, speech, ceremony, or mix CD? Here we collected the best songs for high school list, hope you like it and make a wonderful PowerPoint slideshow. Music can enhance how information is perceived. Using background music in a presentation can make it more engaging to an audience.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® makes inserting an audio file very simple, but setting the playback may be confusing for even skilled users.

Key to successfully setting background music in PowerPoint® is to make it play across multiple slides.

How to Add Music to Your Slideshow on PowerPoint