Critique a research study

Toastmasters Evaluation Contests The first in the series, this article outlines questions to ask yourself when assessing a presentation. Ask these questions whether you attend the presentation, or whether you view a video or read the speech text. These questions also apply when you conduct a self evaluation of your own speeches.

Critique a research study

Same data set used in this other paper by the same authors: A case-control study on the effectiveness of bicycle safety helmets in preventing facial injury. American Journal of Public Health, ; 80 Safety helmets are widely recommended for cyclists, but convincing evidence of their effectiveness is lacking.

Over one year we conducted a case-control study in which the case patients were persons with head injuries received while bicycling, who sought emergency care at one of five hospitals. One control group consisted of persons who received emergency care at the same hospitals for bicycling injuries not involving the head.

A second control group consisted of members of a large health maintenance organization who had had bicycling accidents during the previous year. Seven percent of the case patients were wearing helmets at the time of their head injuries, as compared with 24 percent of the emergency room controls and 23 percent of the second control group.

Of the 99 cyclists with serious brain injury only 4 percent wore helmets. In regression analyses to control for age, sex, income, education, cycling experience, and the severity of the accident, we found that riders with helmets had an 85 percent reduction in their risk of head injury odds ratio, 0.

We conclude that bicycle safety helmets are highly effective in preventing head injury. Helmets are particularly important for children, since they suffer the majority of serious head injuries from bicycling accidents. It is referred to by most other papers on helmets. In fact, many other papers, and nearly all helmet promotion policies, rely fundamentally upon the validity of its conclusions.

For example, a policy statement on bicycle helmets by the American Academy of Pediatrics in states: Those who have taken the trouble to analyse the paper in detail, however, have found it to be seriously flawed and its conclusions untenable. Moreover, by making different - but no less valid - assumptions, the conclusions change radically.

A comparison of the two groups based mainly on helmet use of children under 15 years However, at the same time as this research was being carried out, there was a much more extensive survey of helmet use in the city of Seattle DiGuiseppi, Rivara, Koepsell and Polissar, Of 4, child cyclists observed cycling around Seattle, just 3.

Critique Guidelines

This is not statistically different from the 2. The observational survey of child cyclists riding in Seattle found that helmet wearers were predominantly white, middle class, riding with their parents in parks, whereas the non-wearers were more often black or other races riding alone on busy city streets.

The risk profile of these two groups would be quite different.My evaluation/critique of this article is an holistic interpretation of the study as an example of a qualitative research project and is based on my understandings of this type of study from my involvement in Education Research and Design Methods .

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Critique a research study

Studying other speakers is a critical skill, one of the 25 essential skills for a public ability to analyze a speech will accelerate the growth of any speaker.

The Speech Analysis Series is a series of articles examining different aspects of presentation analysis. You will learn how to study a speech and how to deliver an effective speech .

The research questions, on which the whole study is based, naturally flow from the framework. The purpose and rationale of the study are legitimate and easy to identify with. The variables studied are constantly repeated throughout the paper, without explicitly pinpointing the .

When you write a journal critique, you give a qualified opinion of the article. American Psychological Association format is most often used when writing articles relating to social and behavioral sciences.

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