Gattaca jerome morrow essay

Gattaca Character Profiles Vincent Anton Freeman Ethan Hawke Vincent is an "invalid" or "de-gene-erate" who strives to become a space navigator for the flights to Titan.

Gattaca jerome morrow essay

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Edit Jerome Eugene Morrow was a 'valid' who possessed what were considered to be optimum genetics. This gave him a systematic advantage in the working-world, making him eligible for any job he pleased. He was a former swimming star, but placing second in a race lead to him falling into a deep state of depression.

As a final resort to rid himself of misery, he jumped in front of a moving car in a suicide attempt but was unsuccessful. From this point onward he was paralyzed from the waist down. Due to the horrific incident occurring overseas the specific location was not clarified no one knew about his new disability, and Jerome was happy to keep his failure secret.

He distanced himself from society and lived as a hermit where he could quietly be disappointed with himself.

Even though Jerome now had a purpose for his life in helping Vincent become him, he was still depressed about his failure and eventually did kill himself at the end of the movie.

He kills himself so that there is no confusion about the two Jerome's.


Jerome was similar to Vincent in his basic appearance. While they looked similar, Jerome was a fair bit taller, and they both looked very different from each other. But as Jerome had been hiding from society, no one had seen him in a while and Vincent could be made to look enough like him to pass.

Gattaca jerome morrow essay

Morrow ultimately ended his life at the beginning of the film by burning in a garbage incinerator. This was presented rather confusingly because of the constant flashes to Vincent going to space.

Gattaca jerome morrow essay

Morrow wore a medal and could be seen through flames proving this. Life Before the Accident.Contents Character map 2 Introduction 3 Essay 6: ‘Gattaca’s director, Andrew Niccol, and urine samples to pass the rigorous screening process at Gattaca, Vincent ‘becomes’ Jerome Morrow and earns a place on an expedition to Titan, one of the moons of Saturn.


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He was aware that by assuming the identity of Jerome Morrow, he was in an obvious breach of the law. However, he still proceeded with the plan and went through the complicated procedures in order to cheat through the DNA tests that are constantly conducted in Gattaca.

Taking on the “valid” personality of Jerome, enables Vincent to “mould” a new identity and with this comes more opportunities to succeed in the world of Gattaca.

But ironically, it is Vincent’s personality, his strengths and weaknesses, that enable him to “perfect” the new identity.

Gattaca jerome morrow analysis essay

Jerome Morrow Jude Law Jerome Morrow is a "valid", a genetically manipulated individual who is the norm for society. Upset with the world and the fact that even with all these genetic modifications he still comes second, Morrow attempts to commit suicide.

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Genetic Perfection in Gattaca Essays; Genetic Perfection in Gattaca Topic: "The world of Gattaca is focused on genetic perfection, yet it is the imperfect Vincent that achieves the most" This involved Vincent undergoing a transformation process in which he assumes the identity of a "Valid" Jerome Morrow.

Upon introduction to Jerome, we.

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