I am legend analyses

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I am legend analyses

In this novel, the protagonist, Robert Neville, is seemingly the only survivor of a plague that has converted the rest of humanity to vampires. He has boarded his house and hooked up a generator, and escapes through music, art, gallows humor, and occasional binge drinking.

He has lost his wife and daughter to the dread disease that has converted the population to vampires, and his former friend and co-worker, Ben Cortman, taunts him daily.

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We learn that he had fought in a war in Panama, a war which the U. Robert is immune to the disease as a result of the bite of a vampire bat which sickened him but did not kill him. One day, after a particularly vicious assault by swarms of vampires, Robert resolves to figure out how to defeat them, "or ditch the whole mess, life included.

Robert learns how to use the microscope and is able to isolate the bacteria that causes the disease. The discovery is significant as it confirms that the belief in vampires is not based on superstition, but is a scientific fact.

One day, Robert befriends a stray dog who seems to have escaped the infection, and after finally gaining his trust and affection, the dog is infected by the vampires and dies. Two years later, Robert has once again settled into a pattern of day-to-day survival.

He has killed off most of the vampires, but the survivors continue to harass him at night. Then he meets Ruth, a pretty young woman who has lost two children to the disease and her husband to a vampire killer.

Robert is not sure he can trust her as she is repulsed by garlic, but says it is because she is weak from hunger and shock.

I am legend analyses

She agrees to let Robert test her blood the next morning. Robert shares with her all he has learned about vampires, and they make love. Ruth allows Robert to draw her blood, but begs him not to look at it under the microscope.

When he does, he sees that the germ has mutated. Ruth pounds his head with a mallet until he is unconscious and leaves him a note confessing that the mutant vampires have figured out a way to survive and sent her to spy on him and that it was Robert who killed her husband. She professes to love him, and urges him to flee while he still can.

Seven months later, Robert witnesses trained killers from the new vampire society brutally execute six vampires and then riddle Ben Cortman with bullets as he tries to crawl to safety. He was prepared to surrender peacefully, but now he believes they are out to kill him, so he shoots them.

Robert is seriously wounded in the crossfire, and is transported to a jail hospital. Ruth visits him and announces that the new society is taking back the world with violence. She says that the people hate and fear him for killing so many of them and want him dead.

Robert Neville, the last of his kind, prepares to pass into the realm of legend, thus completing the cycle. This section contains words approx.Legend Analysis Literary Devices in Legend. Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory.

Setting. Legend takes place in a setting that's both familiar and completely foreign. In the Los Angeles of the future, the United States of America no longer exists. Instead the Western (former) United Sta. Recent Activity.

Seabed Constructor, the vessel operated by Ocean Infinity to scan the seabed in search of MH, is returning to port in Fremantle, Western Australia, to refuel, change crews, and resupply. The I Am Legend Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

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The Horror Genre in I am Legend by Richard Matheson Words | 3 Pages. In I Am Legend, Richard Matheson both satisfies and subverts horror genre expectations in order to convey the idea that people are reluctant to change.

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