Marketing essay fedex corporation

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Marketing essay fedex corporation

Companies that are on the right track when it comes to planning in the right market are usually a household name, and this seems to be the case with FedEx. FedEx increased revenues just about every year that they have been in business.

With a sales track like that and when it comes to shipping and overnight deliveries, it's no wonder that they are truly better than their competitors. Compare the past and track the future. SWOT Manager One of the major strengths that FedEx has going for the company is their slogan and message that they want to get across to consumers.

The People-Service-Profit attitude and motto indicates that they place their customers as first priority. This instantly gains trust with consumers. Oppositely, FedEx's competitors may not keep this business model in mind and may lack when it comes to customer service.

FedEx was essentially the first company to develop such an idea as express delivery. Today, they are unmatched by even the United States Postal Service in terms of being able to carry out their operations on time as well as customer service.

Marketing essay fedex corporation

Since FedEx is generally credited with owning the idea of express delivery services, they are generally held to a higher standard and turned to more often than other companies.

Even though the FedEx Corporation thinks that their customer's are getting a superb value, it is ultimately the consumers who hold this same opinion for FedEx's business model to sustain.

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In addition, FedEx could lose revenues and annual sales if prices keep climbing and customers start seeing other brands that have more potential.

Rising Fuel Prices World expansion is weak compare to competitors Expensive compare to other services Many companies cannot incorporate their software Email is fastest and free The internet should be used as a huge advantage to FedEx.

Marketing essay fedex corporation

The online shipping market has grown rapidly within the last 5 years alone and will only continue to soar! FedEx needs to offer more options to consumers who want to conduct all their shipping needs online.

FedEx should consider contracting with other online companies that use shipping services to gain brand recognition and trust!

Fedex should consider contracting with other online companies that use shipping services to gain brand recognition and trust! Expand online services Offer larger variety of shipping services Increase technical services for hardware and software installs Increase number of World Wide Hubs Market with other on line companies Fedex SWOT Threats The major threats to the FedEx business model are the other major competitors within their market segment.


Since those companies have the same majority of services that FedEx does, it would be easy for FedEx competitors to use a competitive advantage such as a proprietary product or service that has more potential than FedEx services. This is because FedEx is based on a sound business model.

Customers always need packages and belongings shipped in any economy, and the company has done an excellent job so far at dominating the market share!Feb 06,  · Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing.

Our collection includes thousands of sample research papers so you can find almost any essay you want. Fedex Marketing Mix Essays and Research Papers Dell Marketing Mix Strategy Dell, Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL, HKEX: ), a multinational technology corporation, develops.

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Fedex Marketing Essay Words | 5 Pages. of Federal Express in ; this company evolved into the FedEx Corporation in (FedEx, ). For the Fiscal Year, they had revenue in excess of $39 billion dollars.

FedEx Corporation is the cargo airline, which helps in transportation of the goods of the essay mnemosyne holderlin analysis Essay analysis actress millennium people from one city to the other.

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Are you and romeo theme in death essay of juliet about starting a courier service company? Marketing Essay – FedEx Corporation - Essay Example Online purchases have also been continuously growing, increasing demand for package delivery services.

Survey studies revealed three in five Internet users shopped online in the last twelve months (Spryest, ). Mission Statement of FedEx Essay FedEx Ground has annual revenue of 6 Billion dollars and a workforce of 70, including a ground fleet of 20, FedEx Ground has also surpassed FedEx Express by shipping an average of 3 Million Packages per day.

FedEx Corporation Operating Segments and Companies Basically, FedEx is divided into four segments and 11 operating companies. The segments consist of FedEx Express Segment, FedEx Ground Segment, FedEx Freight Segment, and FedEx Freight Segment.

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