Music and culture in new orleans

A repository for articles on all aspects of music and culture and a few musings Sunday, November 02, New Orleans photographer Michael P. Smith I missed this when it happened. He was a documentarian to the wonderful culture of New Orleans.

Music and culture in new orleans

New Orleans is a place that has its own particular way and I dig it. The biggest draw for me was the local music and traditions.

Kate Chopin - Creoles

I was a lover of the show Treme which was based in New Orleans post Katrina. I had no idea what it was until I saw it on the show.

A second line is celebration of freedom; they can be done for funerals, weddings, Mardi Gras, opening of a business etc. I did get to experience a Brass Band and these young kids playing were nothing but natural talent.

It was hot as he!! The boxes are for tips, we made sure we did our part and so did a lot of others. Take a listen… Artist: Victor Valenzuela Babe and I met Victor on the street and he had a ton of pictures for sale.

They were all done by hand and they were incredible. He was working on the one in his hand. He had so many he loved it was hard for us to decide which one to get. Victor cut me a deal and I ended up purchasing two.

Music and culture in new orleans

Insert fail because I should have snapped a pic of them. I promised to shout him out because I appreciated and respected his talent. His attention to detail is insane; he shared his experience and talked about his amazing mentors.

If you visit N. O and see Victor make sure you buy some of his art. I found a video of him drawing on YouTube. Babe Babe was killing the photography game while we were in New Orleans. This is another one of his shots while we were waiting for the Trolley. He does good work. The Trolley was fun, it is cheap and we had walked a million steps a day.

The Trolley makes several stops and will take you from the Convention Center all the way down to the French Quarter. The sun was starting to set and it gave excellent lighting in this picture.

Street Entertainment You see street entertainment in most major cities. You can file this under things MimiCuteLips will never do; but I respect their hustle.

I wonder if he was drinking Mardi Gras Mask I wanted to buy up the entire store. The masks were beautiful and they had a variety of styles, designs and colors. It was dark when we walked up on this Frenchmen Art situation. They were popping and so were we, so we checked them out. Bathtub Sofa How can you not love this set up.

Art Festival This festival was hilarious, I love vulgarities, in particular I like vulgar old women. It is like a rite of passage once you hit like They went on and filled up the inside wall. They were so bold and in your face we laughed for several minutes while reading them.

Side walk chalk Who can resist sidewalk chalk?The Culture of New Orleans The Culture of New Orleans History of New Orleans French settled in French sold Louisiana to Spain People of Spanish, French and Indian.

WHAT: Unlike our CKC: Atlanta event in October, the Curls, Kinks & Culture: New Orleans event is not a trade show, it is an "activated experience". We invite all of our consumers, their families and friends to come out for a culturally-geared, fun and interactive event in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Each spring, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival moves the focus to the charming Gentilly area and the Fair Grounds Race Course. But no matter the time of year, New Orleans' calendar overflows in . New Orleans is passionate about many things, but especially the New Orleans Saints professional football team!

Saints fans are among the most dedicated, spirited fans in all of football. You will find die-hard fans from near and far tailgating for hours before a game begins with delicious local food like jambalaya and gumbo, drinks, music, [ ].

We invite you to join The New Orleans Music Company with our #CityOfCulture campaign, which, through cultural performance and scholarship, the mission is to highlight the importance of the city’s culture and its social, quality-of-life, and economic impact. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation is the nonprofit that owns the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival presented by Shell.

We use the proceeds from Jazz Fest, and other funds, for year-round programs to support our music and culture.

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