Quilt research paper

She worked in the St. Louis public schools for 40 years and retired from her job in She married George L.

Quilt research paper

Holley, Jr of Coral Gables, Florida. Alfred Walbeck documented the Sampler wrought by Eunice W. Cook in the tenth year of her age in Wilson has enamored many by its angular design and comical characters. Just where did the design come from?

And how did Mrs. Holley come to own it? Did Eva use the original patchwork as a design source? Eunice Waring Cook passed away in3 years prior to the publication. Was the Comic Patchwork original as well?

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Or did it come from another source? These questions kept gnawing at me for many years. First and foremost, what was the Holley-Cook family connection? And, did the original Patchwork still exist? In digging up the answers, I found the connection, plus a much earlier design source, and the original silk patchwork of The Comic Patchwork depicted in the WPA watercolor!

I began researching the family names Holley and Cook and came up with the name Mullen, Mrs. Using a variety of on-line sources, I was able to sort through the genealogy and determine that Helen Holley was the great-great-granddaughter of Eunice Waring Cook. Further research needed to be done to find out where the patchwork was, if it still existed.

Contacts with Carlotta Owens of the National Gallery of Art indicated that they were unaware of the whereabouts of any of the items.

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She did however forward to me copies of some of the actual data report sheets used by the WPA for the Index of American Design. This confirmed the family lineage that I had researched. As my search continued, I tried to see if there was a connection between Eva Niles and the Mullen family, maybe they were in the same area?Foundation pieced quilts, sometimes called paper pieced quilts, are made by sewing pieces of fabric onto a temporary or permanent foundation.

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Quilt research paper

I play at crafts and I crochet to relax, but paper piecing is what motivates me, inspires me, and makes me want to keep creating. It's. May 06,  · This particular piece is from a patchwork quilt titled "THE GOSSIPS" by Eunice W.

Cook, Vermont, 19th century. I liked the angular shapes in this appliqued quilt and decided to see how it would look as a mixed media piece with acrylic and papers all done on pound paper.

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Quilt research paper

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