Secure sockets layer in security technology

This definition is part of our Essential Guide: How to conduct a next-generation firewall evaluation Share this item with your network: SSL eventually came to be used to secure authentication and encryption for communication at the network transport layer.

Secure sockets layer in security technology

This upgrade corrected defects in previous versions and prohibited the use of known weak algorithms. Transferring sensitive information over a network can be risky due to the following issues: An attacker who intercepts data may be able to modify it before sending it on to the receiver.

SSL addresses each of these issues. It addresses the first issue by optionally allowing each of two communicating parties to ensure the identity of the other party in a process called authentication.

After the parties are authenticated, SSL provides an encrypted connection between the two parties for secure message transmission. Encrypting the communication between the two parties provides privacy and therefore addresses the second issue.

The encryption algorithms used with SSL include a secure hash function, which is similar to a checksum. The secure hash function addresses the third issue of data integrity.

Both authentication and encryption are optional and depend on the negotiated cipher suites between the two entities. An e-commerce transaction is an obvious example of when to use SSL. In an e-commerce transaction, it would be foolish to assume that you can guarantee the identity of the server with whom you are communicating.

It would be easy enough for someone to create a phony website promising great services if only you enter your credit card number. SSL allows you, the client, to authenticate the identity of the server. It also allows the server to authenticate the identity of the client, although in Internet transactions, this is seldom done.

After the client and the server are comfortable with each other's identity, SSL provides privacy and data integrity through the encryption algorithms that it uses.

This allows sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to be transmitted securely over the Internet. When the digital equivalent of a signature is associated with a message, the communication can later be proved.

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SSL alone does not provide nonrepudiation. SSL uses public-key cryptography to provide authentication, and secret-key cryptography with hash functions to provide for privacy and data integrity.

Cryptographic Processes The primary purpose of cryptography is to make it difficult for an unauthorized third party to access and understand private communication between two parties.

It is not always possible to restrict all unauthorized access to data, but private data can be made unintelligible to unauthorized parties through the process of encryption. Encryption uses complex algorithms to convert the original message cleartext to an encoded message ciphertext.

The algorithms used to encrypt and decrypt data that is transferred over a network typically come in two categories: Both secret-key cryptography and public-key cryptography depend on the use of an agreed-upon cryptographic key or pair of keys.

A key is a string of bits that is used by the cryptographic algorithm or algorithms during the process of encrypting and decrypting the data. A cryptographic key is like a key for a lock; only with the right key can you open the lock.Ever since Netscape Communications invented the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) in , after the Internet becomes under scrutiny over security, the arms race between code breakers and code makers has been accelerated in the field of the internet cryptography.

Secure sockets layer in security technology

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Comodo Secure Site Seal promoting your secure site is the ideal way to help customers feel safe and confident in using your secure online services.

When managing your network, developing an app, or even organizing paper files, sound security is no accident. Companies that consider security from the start assess their options and make reasonable choices based on the nature of their business and the sensitivity of the information involved.

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