The rodney king trial essay

Jesse Jackson and other civil rights leaders said today. King, who was found dead today at his California home, emerged as a sort of reluctant, "countercultural hero" after he suffered a savage attack from four LAPD officers and a bystander's video camera captured the violence, Jackson told ABCNews. That videotape, when shared with a Los Angeles TV station, sent shock waves around the world, catapulting police brutality and race relations in the United States to center stage and turning King into a symbol of the bitter conflict. Al Sharpton in a statement.

The rodney king trial essay

Details Rodney King Rodney Glen King known to friends as "Glen" found himself thrust into the spotlight--both literally and figuratively--after he led California Highway Patrol officers on a high speed chase through the north Los Angeles suburbs.

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The video of King's beating by LAPD officers, made possible by the overhead illumination of a police helicopter, shocked the nation and led to two criminal trials and a civil trial against the officers.

The beating on March 3, was not King's first difficulty with the law--and it wouldn't be his last. InKing received probation after pleading "no contest" to charges for beating his wife. Two years later, King received a two-year sentence after robbing a convenience store and assaulting the store clerk.

He was paroled on December 27, In the years following the trials that made him famous, King would again face charges of wife beating this time his second wife, as well as his out-of-wedlock daughter and multiple charges of driving while intoxicated.

King's problems with the law stemmed more from his heavy drinking than from any criminal bent. Tim Fowler, King's parole officer, described Rodney as "basically a decent guy with borderline intelligence but [who] could function in society.

His problem was alcoholism. He had been drinking from an early age. King was born in Sacramento in As a boy, Rodney showed considerable athletic promise.

He enjoyed fishing with his father. By fourth grade, Rodney was cleaning commercial buildings from 5 P. The late night work, according to King, "really whacked" his concentration at school, where he was already suffering because of a learning disability.

Teachers reported that King could barely read. He dropped out of school during his senior year. King found work in the construction industry. Years later, King said, "I got a real thrill out of building skyscrapers.

The rodney king trial essay

King's best moment came after the rioting that came on the heels of the Simi Valley jury's verdict. King went before television cameras to plead for calm. King used some of the money to start a rap label record business, Alta-Pazz Recording Company. King drowned in his pool in Rialto, California on June 17,at the age of Sergeant Stacey Koon Sergeant Stacey Cornell Koon, the supervising officer at the arrest of Rodney King, wanted nothing so much as to be known as a good cop who did his job in a professional manner.

Forty-one at the time of the King incident, Koon believed then--and continued to believe throughout his trials--that his actions may well have saved Rodney King's life.

Looking back at March 3, many years later, Koon said, "I wouldn't change what happened one iota. In his years on the force, he earned over ninety commendations and just three reprimands.

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His courage was legendary.Photo essays about the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Photographs of National Guard troops, burned out buildings, the looting aftermath and a Korean demonstration. In this op-ed, writer and producer Malika Michaud explores the impact of 's landmark case concerning the Los Angeles Police Department and Rodney King.

Aug 16,  · A video essay that compares the use of the Rodney King beating tape in the films Malcolm X (Spike Lee, ) and Dark Blue (Ron Shelton, ). A Multidimensional Examination of Jury Composition, Trial Outcomes, and Attorney Preferences Jee-Yeon K.

Lehmanny University of Houston Jeremy Blair Smithz Boston University. Race and its Effect on the O.J. Simpson Trial 8. LAPD.

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It was a known truth among the 4 million citizens that reside in Los. Angeles that the LAPD was harsh with the African Americans who lived in .

I see it as a watershed moment, like the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the bringing of federal charges after the initial (and widely decried) verdict in the Rodney King .

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