What are the legal issues that arise from information on the internet

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What are the legal issues that arise from information on the internet

The ambit of the paper is restricted to internet telephony as the novel and cheap method of communication and of conducting business over the net. Internet telephony is of particular interest to organizations engaged in business process outsourcing as it significantly cuts the costs of communication.

In the course of this paper the author would also analyse the guidelines and license issued by the DoT for providing Internet telephony services and discusses some of the emerging legal issues that are spawned by this liberalization. Earlier, the legal and regulatory framework in India did not permit ISPs to offer Internet telephony.

After the opening up of this sector, the Department of Telecommunications DoT has granted approvals and licences to several telecommunication companies to commence these services. Though the quality of Internet telephony services may not be as high as the normal international long distance services, their low cost will definitely attract more consumers.

Further, with the rapid advancement in technology, it is only a matter of time that the gap between the two forms of voice communication is bridged. What is Internet Telephony? IP Telephony is used as a generic term for the many different ways of transmitting voice, fax and related services over packet-switched IP-based networks.

This process is called modulation-demodulation, giving the term modem. The communication usually takes place real time. Thus, the main difference between Internet Telephony and normal telephony is that whereas in normal telephony, circuit switching technology is used, Internet Telephony is based on packet switching technology.

Another important distinction between Internet Telephony and VoIP is the quality of the transmission. Therefore, the chances of having a live or real-time conversation are better in VoIP than in Internet Telephony.

Rather, the principal medium of transmission is always the Internet. The process is reversed at an Internet Telephone Service Providers ITSP gateway server, which then dials the called partys telephone number and, when a connection is made, starts sending the callers speech and transmitting the called partys speech in the other direction.

In Phone to Phone Internet Telephony, the customer, using an ordinary telephone, dials an access code and then the telephone number; the access code then routes the call to a special computer gateway the IP network. Local computer gateways for companies offering this type of service must be optimally placed in strategic geographic areas.

For instance, if a customer using phone-to-phone Internet Telephony plans to call London England from Mumbai Indiathen local gateways must be located in both London and Mumbai. The gateways convert audio into data for transmission across the IP network and then convert incoming data back into analog signals.

ISPs can only offer these services within the service areas for which they have a licence. The old ISP licence agreement, which banned Internet telephony services read as follows: Telephony on the Internet is not permitted. The licence will be liable for termination for any violation of this clause of the Licence Agreement.Gift of Fire Social, Legal, and Etical Issues for Computing Technology [SARA BAASE] on r-bridal.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A GIFT OF FIRE: SOCIAL, LEGAL, AND ETHICAL ISSUES FOR COMPUTING A ND THE INTERNET. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (the Foundation) collects and processes your personal information that is provided by or about you as a person interested in the Foundation and may obtain information about you, including email addresses, from third parties for purposes of providing you information about the Foundation.


What are the legal issues that arise from information on the internet

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The University of Chicago Library serves its users from five campus libraries, all of which are . Importance of Ethics on The Internet. Applying good ethical standards to the online world is a direct reflection of your business online.

Ethics affects all aspects of your business. liability of Internet Service Providers and Hosts. Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") can act as hosts storing information posted by a subscriber.

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