With reference to a local conflict

Disagreements may arise due to differences in points of view, ideology or unhealthy competition that may yield either positive or negative consequences.

With reference to a local conflict

Lerche III We live in a world that is simultaneously shrinking and expanding, growing closer and farther apart National borders are increasingly irrelevant. And yet globalism is by no means triumphant. Tribalisms of all kinds flourish. Irredentism abounds Attali, Because of the great increase in the traffic in culture, the large-scale transfer of meaning systems and symbolic forms, the world is increasingly becoming one not only in political and economic terms This, however, is no egalitarian global village Hannerz, The pace of global change is extremely rapid, and even those trained to track and analyze it have difficulty keeping up with new developments.

However, trends are regularly observed and named, and these new terms become "buzz words" in the lexicons of governments, academia and the media. Such a term is globalization.

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Though it is, admittedly, rather vague, and the phenomena it is employed to describe extremely diverse, it does express a prevailing sentiment at century's end that our lives are increasingly influenced by forces which have transcended borders, and which, precisely because of their scope and power, are changing, irreversibly, life on this planet.

All levels of society are being reshaped by this process: At the moment there is a serious contradiction between the fact that globalization is in full swing, and the fact that existing processes of global governance lack sufficient power, authority and scope to regulate and direct this process toward beneficial ends.

As a result globalization is often disruptive and inequitable in its effects. It has also posed new challenges for existing public institutions while at the same time weakening their autonomy and support; and, paradoxically, provided the means for those it excludes culturally or economically to organize against its subordinating and homogenizing force.

Many analysts have pointed to the turbulent nature of this planetary process and to the increasing frequency and variety of reactions to it. Drawing on this literature, this paper first attempts to clarify various aspects of globalization and then considers its potential for generating social conflict and unrest.

Subsequently, human needs theory, as developed and applied by John Burton, is used to explore some of the roots of these conflicts and, finally, globalism is put forth as a positive, and potentially corrective, dimension of globalization.

A Closer Look Definitions There are a variety of definitions and descriptions of globalization, which, though overlapping in many respects, do emphasize different dimensions of the process. Robertson's is one of the first and the most general: Globalization as a concept refers both to the compression of the world and intensification of consciousness of the world as a whole Anthony Giddens's adds an important dimension to the picture by emphasizing the interactive, or dialectical dimensions of the process: Globalization can thus be defined as the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa.

This is a dialectical process because such local happenings may move in an obverse direction from the very distanced relations that shape them.

With reference to a local conflict

Local transformation is as much a part of globalisation as the lateral extension of social connections across time and space Giddens, However, it is in regard to business and economics that the term "globalization" is most frequently invoked.

What is referred to here is: The primary vehicles for this process have been the increasing transnationalization of production, and the resulting rise in influence of multinational enterprises, and even more importantly, the explosion in the volume and scope of transactions on international financial markets.

In this regard, consider the following commentary on contemporary change in the banking industry: Banking is rapidly becoming indifferent to the constraints of time, place and currencyr-bridal.com is the #1 question answering service that delivers the best answers from the web and real people - all in one place.

With reference to a local conflict

Local conflict case study: 3rd runway at Heathrow Heathrow airport began in when it was decided that the Heathrow site should be developed to become London's post-war civilian airport. The first passenger flight took off in and nearly 70 million passengers were travelling to and from Heathrow annually.

With reference to a conflict over the use of a local resource that you studies, discuss the extent to which all interest groups involved can be satisfied with its outcome (40 marks.

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Local Conflict is Global Conflict and Global Conflict is Local Conflict

With reference to a conflict over the use of a local resource that you studies, discuss the extent to which all interest groups involved can be satisfied with its outcome (40 marks) Introduction: Definition of a conflict Disagreement caused by the actual or perceived .

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