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How to get started with your own personal marketing campaign 1. Pick a goal Personal marketing can help you with many different kinds of goals. Analyze your situation Next, take an honest look at yourself.

Write away marketing

Three recent years of consulting work in Asia inform the rigorous evaluation and metrics she offers our clients around the world. AdCom Designs We research, analyze, assess, and evaluate communication patterns and behavior; engage stakeholders; and implement interventions. We partner with our clients and maintain a laser focus on their business outcomes, brand, and culture.

write away marketing

We lead workshops, webinars, coaching engagements, train-the-trainer, and blended programs. They all build or deepen measurable, job-relevant communication skills.

We also publish The Write It Well Series on Business Communication, a series of eight books available on Amazon that showcase our time-tested, proprietary methodologies.

Learn more Who We Are Click below to watch our video Watch Video Get to Know Our Offerings We have a variety of in-person, virtual and text materials we can use to help you accomplish your learning goals. Learn More Download our one-page overview of our courses and materials.

Download Explore our topics They all build or deepen measurable, job-relevant communication skills. Download our handy, at-a-glance guide to all of our courses and materials Download Effective Email This workshop guides participants through a writing planning process, formatting essentials, and tips to avoid the most common tone, language and punctuation errors.

Participants review key grammar and punctuation rules that are necessary to maintain credibility. This workshop offers an easy-to- follow meeting planning process for onsite or online meetings and tips for engaging participants, managing dynamic topics, handling the unexpected, getting to agreement, and identifying action items and next steps.

Write It Well Book Meetings! The course includes recording, practice, and one-on- one coaching from the instructor. The company hired Write It Well to build and deliver a customised, on-site training to help content writers and managers from Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Participants learned to go beyond features to present the benefits of PayPal services, and they learned to write social media posts that get attention and present a reliable image.

Hitachi Data Systems Technical Writing Highly technical people often struggle to communicate complex ideas and basic business needs. Hitachi leaders realised that better written communication would improve product development cycles and promote collaboration.

So Write It Well opened new lines of communication between IT employees through a customised, engaging training.

Granite Construction Trainings and E-learning on Business Writing Granite Construction managers know that unclear writing undermines teamwork and eats away at budgets. The newly founded Granite University hired us to build customised, job-relevant Web courses.

write away marketing

Employees now improve their business writing skills through a modular, asynchronous,co-branded e-learning program. The easy-to-grasp multimedia presentations include video and quizzes to engage participants, who get to see how professional-calibre writing improves their daily construction work.

VerticalResponse Email for Customer Service Employees from four VerticalResponse departments were struggling to write clear, concise, reader-focused customer support messages.

Write It Well analysed both every-day communication samples and company templates.Free headline analyzer that will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. Mar 20,  · 8) Give away free books, recipe cards, and cooking gadgets.

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9) Post fun food facts, kitchen gadget reviews, and provocative statements about the book content. 10) Post a link to an excerpt for the second book in the series, Prime Rib and Punishment.

Write Away’s Sydney-based team can help grow your brand through strategic, targeted communications and events. We help you talk to the people who make buying decisions so you can raise awareness, shift perceptions, and do more business.


Regardless of the size, worship style or technology use of your church, writing announcements is a vital communication function. And because department heads or ministry leaders tend to either give you too much or not enough information to promote their event, writing announcements is a chronically challenging task.

A marketing plan is essential, I find. It took me 4 books to figure that out! Now, a few days away from finishing my fifth manuscript (and my favourite so far), I have decided I won’t let its emergence into the light be as stealthy as the others.

Trifold Brochure Writing Tips Tips for preparing text. The bifold, tripanel brochure, often given the misnomer "trifold", is constructed by folding a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper twice to create 3 .

Write Away: Marketing and Promoting Your Book with a Facebook Event, Part 3