Writing a cancellation letter for a gym membership

I believe I'm still outside the [1 month] notice period, so there should be no issues. My membership number is [xxxx]. Please tell me if there is a need to fill a form or some other formality. Please call me if you need further clarification.

Writing a cancellation letter for a gym membership

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Is it time to break up with your gym? Contract disputes and billing issues were common complaints, often directly related to confusion about membership cancellation. Video of the Day Getting out of a gym membership can be a tricky business, but if you adhere to contract terms and take a direct approach with your cancellation letter, you can protect yourself from future liability.

Contract Review Before writing your cancellation letter, take a close look at the contract. If you signed up for a specific membership period, you are obligated to fulfill the terms before your cancellation can be processed.

However, your gym may allow for early cancellation in certain circumstances. First Things First Address your cancellation letter to the appropriate person or department as indicated in your contract.

Address the person in charge of processing cancellations respectfully, starting your letter with "Dear Mr. Provide this upfront and clarify it again in your closing. This paragraph need only be two to three sentences long, as in the sample below: My name is Chris Smith and this letter serves as formal notice of my intent to cancel my gym membership with your company.

The membership number assigned to my account is Center Paragraph Take cues from the contract to help you cover all your legal bases in the second paragraph. If you qualify for early cancellation, refer to the terms under which you qualify. Gyms generally require 30 to 45 days notice for cancellations and you should include reference to this here, as well.

Keep it direct, as in the following model: My membership is eligible for cancellation on February 1. Please consider this letter as your official 30 days notice of my intent to cancel, as per our contract terms. Closing the Letter After a brief final paragraph, end your letter with a friendly closing.


Keep your closing short and to the point, as follows: Thank you in advance for processing my membership cancellation in a timely manner. If you need to contact me, I can be reached at Sincerely, Chris Smith, member Hwy 1 Jonestown, PA Send the Letter Send the letter by certified mail so that you have proof of when the letter was received by the gym.

This is preferred over hand delivery.

When you can cancel without paying

If your contract requires you to fill out a cancellation request at the gym, complete this in addition to sending the cancellation letter.- A family membership - up to two adults (both aged 18 or over) and up to two children join together (the qualifying ages for children can vary from club to .

Notice cancellation letter is a formal written communication to inform the concern person/ organization about the cancellation notice of a particular service.

Contracts signed for business purpose are legally bound documents. In case of cancellation it requires an [ ]. Getting out of a gym membership can be a tricky business, but if you adhere to contract terms and take a direct approach with your cancellation letter, you can protect yourself from future liability.

writing a cancellation letter for a gym membership

Cancellation letters are letters you write to a service provider, company or institution, informing them that you are dissatisfied with their product, service, or membership and that you wish to discontinue it.

Explore our Lifestyles Membership options – Health & Fitness, Fitness, Student, Junior/Teen, Freedom, Joint and Corporate membership. How to Cancel Service. Planet Fitness is a membership-based gym with locations all over the United States.

There are two current membership levels – PF Black Card and Month-to-Month.

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